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Redirect variation with zero visitors

tplants 02-26-15

Redirect variation with zero visitors

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Hi - I'm running this page inside an iframe:


It's supposed to redirect 50% of the visitors to this page:


(Experiment 2528420414)


But the results page shows 100% of traffic going to variaiton 1. Any advice here?


I should note that I was able to naturally place one of my browsers into the var 2 bucket, but I don't show up in the results.

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Joel_Balmer 02-27-15

Re: Redirect variation with zero visitors

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Hi there!


If this is run in an iFrame, would this be an advert to be placed on a website? Would you be able to provide an example of the parent page URL so we can see this naturally?


As for being placed into a certain variation 100% of the time, other than some code on your site placing the visitor into a specific variation (see our API, here), then it sounds like you either need to check:


  • 'Options > Traffic Allocation' setup
  • Rediret setup, here

If you have any more information for us, hopefully someone here on the community can help you out!