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Redirects not always working

mmaattv 02-12-16

Redirects not always working

Hey, I've set up an experiment in Optimzely with variations that are all redirects.


The original page is blank and is set to receive 0% of the traffic (so it all goes to the redirects), however sometimes just the original page is shown, even those there is no traffic being allocated to it.


Does that make sense and can anyone help? Hehe Cat Happy

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Re: Redirects not always working



Thanks for posting your question. The redirect should normally happen before the page is displayed. The first thing that comes to my mind is that your Optimizely snippet isn't implemented as far as possible up in the <head>. Can you double check whether that is the case? If not, can you implement your snippet as far as possible up in the <head>-tag - see this article?


If you have done that, would you mind sharing the experiment-ID in a private message, so I can go and have a look?


Best, Nils