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vitafiveAdmin 11-09-16


I am trying to learn how to do a regular expression with a website like this: The problem is the number 8459 change every time. Can someone please help me with the regex I need to use. 

robertchan 11-10-16

Re: RegEx

Assuming the 8459 is only replaced with positive numbers starting at 0 or above, the following should work for your URL targeting:[1-9][0-9]*)|0/checkout
Robert Chan

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Re: RegEx

For some reason this wasn't able to work. Are you sure this is exact? 



Re: RegEx

[ Edited ]

basically yo have a constant
- 4 Digits from 0-9
- Another constant


sould work

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Re: RegEx

Hey! It didn't look like the reg-ex you gave me worked. Are you able to check and make sure? I tried it and it sent me back to my home page