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Regarding Adwords Display URL Policy

onlineedu 03-09-15

Regarding Adwords Display URL Policy



I want to run an A/B test for a new landing page against our existing landing page. Both pages however, are hosted on separate domains.


The adwords policy requires:


1). that the display URL & the final destination URL be same from the same domain

2). and that, within an ad group - all destination url should lead to the same domain (can't use more than one domain per ad group)


As such, can we still use Optimizely to split -test the traffic within the same ad groups?


Kindly explain how the redirection works, when two separate domain based URL's are being used.




MartijnSch 03-10-15

Re: Regarding Adwords Display URL Policy

Ehw, this is a hard question. 1. You won't get in trouble with this one as the destination URL will be the same and only from there you would be able to redirect the user to a different page.
2. You'll have to give this a try, I give you quite a high change that you would still be able to work with this as only a couple of % is being redirected to the new version.

3. Best case you would exclude Adwords traffic and run this experiment only on your normal visitors so you don't get into trouble for now with this at all, but I guess that's not an option?