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Removing Image Block from Product Pages

GMuir 08-14-15

Removing Image Block from Product Pages

I'm having trouble implementing a change on all our product pages. I need to hide a specific image block to test what impact this will have on AOV and Conversion. 

I have setup the test and hidden the bock on the page I loaded. I've selected substring match but the changes only apply to the specific page I have hidden the image on.

What am I doing wrong?


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plac3bodk 08-14-15

Re: Removing Image Block from Product Pages

Hi GMuir

Please paste your experiment code and the HTML in which the images are located.

If you can put in a link for the page, that would be even better.


Re: Removing Image Block from Product Pages

Hey Dave,


Code/examples would be helpful, but here are a couple possible things wrong I can think of:


  • Set URL targeting to substring, but you didn't change the URL to only include the product subfolder (i.e. instead of

  • You edited the HTML directly to remove the block, which may lead to it only rendering one page because the HTML isn't the same every time if its a product specific block. Instead maybe use the remove function edit differently.


- Dan



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