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Required for Custom events

hbaecklund 10-08-14
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Required for Custom events

In order to use custom events do I need either Global Javascript, an Optimizely API call to the custom event or do I create a custom event goal?

siherron 10-08-14

Re: Required for Custom events



What are you trying to do? 


Custom Events are used to identify specific actions that your audience have undertaken. These can be used to identify a specific audience segment for your experiment and/or can be measured as a Goal.


  1. They can be coded into your variation.
  2. Setup as an Audience segment or Dimension.
  3. Measured as a "Custom Event Goal" 

If you set them up as a Goal, you can call them via the API.


I would guess that Custom Events are most often used as a form or measurement or goal.


Does this help at all?

Simon Herron
Optimisation Consultant
Level 2