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Result page is not fully loading

ingemetsemakers 02-04-15

Result page is not fully loading

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Hi all,


From today my experiment result page isn't fully loading. It keeps loading and when I change the segment (only this part is available during page load), I get the notification that there are no goals found for this experiment. In the experiment 5 goals are tracked (I checked in the edit mode if they didn't vanish) and from the start of the experiment until yesterday the results were showing as they should be and fully loaded. The results from another experiment is working fine.

Have anyone experienced the same or do you know a solution?

Brian_Abad 02-06-15

Re: Result page is not fully loading

Hey there,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have a known error with our Results Page that our Engineering team is currently taking a look into. It is of top priority and is covered in full within our blog post:

Feel free to follow along with that post as updates arrive.

Thanks for your understanding and apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please let me know if the error you are encountering is unrelated and I'm happy to take a look!
Brian Abad
Manager, Technical Support
Customer Success