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Results not showing accurately

LukeMartinAllC 02-26-16

Results not showing accurately

I have set up an experiment 4 days ago, in the overview section of the dashboard I can see it has had 1302 visits and I have 3 goals set up. However, when I look at the results page I see very limited data.
Does anyone know as to why? 

Re: Results not showing accurately

Hey there!


What data are you  not seeing on the results page, that you expect to be seeing?  Can you give an example of where something isn't lining up?



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Re: Results not showing accurately

Hi Vanessa,

We are currently trying to run five tests. Please see the image below.

Optimizely Community 1.png

However, when we look at the results of each test we only see very limited data.

For example, here is a screenshot of the results of the fourth test we are running which has 2,267 visitors and 27 goals.

Optimizely Community 2.png

As you can see, we are only provided data for 37 visitors.

dustinshey 03-01-16

Re: Results not showing accurately

Well, it could depend on the amount of web traffic you're getting to the variants. I'm assuming you see a lot of dashes and not so many numbers?
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MartijnSch 03-01-16

Re: Results not showing accurately

It for sure looks a bit strange indeed, it could be that you're showing multiple experiments at the same time to visitors so that visitors might only get to see a test once so the users are spread out over the number of users. Otherwise, the question that raises, are you seeing the same data for a specific experiment in both the dashboard as the experiment insights?