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Results not showing up in Crazy Egg

Zann 06-26-15
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Results not showing up in Crazy Egg


I have recently set up Optimizely integration with Crazy Egg. But in my snapshot, there is a message saying something like "Force parameters are disabled for this project. See Project Code Settings." What should I do? Image screenshot


Also, I noticed that the URL being tracked shows the force tracking of the page (ie: Is this correct, or how should I set up my accounts to see the data I want for both variations?

I've followed the instructions in this article and disabled the force variation parameters. 


What should I do? 


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Re: Results not showing up in Crazy Egg

Hi Zann,

The API call to create the CrazyEgg snapshot is called when CrazyEgg is first turned on within the Optimizely experiment and when the experiment is saved for the first time. At the time the experiment was first saved, did you perhaps have force variations still disabled in your project settings?

Based on what I see, that would be my best guess for what's happening here. The URL generated with force-tracking is not a problem- that's standard and how we get the necessary snapshot.

My suggestions moving forward:

- Duplicate the experiment
- Re-enable CrazyEgg in your experiment integrations
- Save and start the new experiment
- Wait up to 24 hours for new CrazyEgg results.

Hope this helps!

Amy Herbertson
Customer Success