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Results shows always at "variation"

Mr-BS 06-27-16
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Results shows always at "variation"


I´m testing on dev my results I add some custom events and the total revenue.

I did some orders and everything shows fine at the results under "variation". Than I clear all cookies und bucket me in the original but all my actions are tracked again under the variation. Why?

Is there anything else I have to do, to track a test (test) for original?


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Lyndsey 06-28-16

Re: Results shows always at "variation"

It sounds like you have been cookied into a specific variation for each browser, and as a result you are continuing to see that variation only. This is the nature of the product and how Optimizely ensures a consistent experience for your visitors.

Optimizely uses an endUserID Cookie ( in order to identify returning visitors and ensure that they are consistently bucketed into the same variation each time.

If you'd like to test this I'd recommend trying an incognito browser (with no other webpages open to any page within the website, as this will transfer the session information to the incognito window). After bucketing yourself into the experiment, close the window each time (rather than opening a new tab). You will then note that you are bucketed into a different variation each time.

You can also use a regular window to test this method, but you will need to clear your cache, cookies and localStorage each time after loading the page (and again, have no other windows open to pass session data).

You can then confirm what variation you are in by opening the browser console and typing in optimizely.variationNamesMap.

Feel free to give this a try and you will then note that the traffic allocation buckets you into different variations each time.
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