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Revenue Tracking Not Working

stevethebartend 05-20-16
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Revenue Tracking Not Working

I've implementing the tracking code as stated here:


In particular, this section here:


I have set up Total Revenue and Checkout goals:


I have also checked the thank you page to check the code is working:


I've checked that the URL's are correct also:


Yet there doesn't seem to be any goals in the experiment. Any ideas?

David_Orr 05-21-16

Re: Revenue Tracking Not Working



It looks like the revenue call on the page isn't formatted correctly. The correct format for the code in your screenshot should be as follows:


window.optimizely = window.optimizely || []; 
window.optimizely.push(['trackEvent', 'OptimCheckout', {'revenue': 395}]);

Here's a link that will walk you through on how to QA goals by looking for the actual network tracking event that gets sent out to Optimizely:


[Checking for whether goals are firing correctly](



Senior Technical Support Engineer

Re: Revenue Tracking Not Working

Thanks David! I swear I cut and paste it straight from the site. Cheers!