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Revenue tracking outside of experiment

pkulas 10-11-16

Revenue tracking outside of experiment


we have setup experiment for products pages.

Is possible to track revenue for this experiment if it's not part of experiment URL Targeting?

Our experiment track only pages on /shop/product/* but we trigger revenue on thank you page that is part of any experiment URL Targeting

For now what we have done is added revenue tracking + custom event added to goals "purchaseComplete" that is name of "trackEvent" in script.


If it is possible to do it, what can we do/change?



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Brian_Abad 10-12-16

Re: Revenue tracking outside of experiment

It's definitely possible to track Revenue on pages outside the scope of URL Targeting of an experiment. 2 things will need to be done:

1. Implement the Optimizely snippet in the head tag of the page where you'd like to track Revenue (most likely this is the confirmation page after a purchase)
2. On the same page and underneath the snippet, implement Optimizely's Revenue API call which pass a variable containing the purchase value converted to cents.

This code would need to be implemented natively onto the site. Here are full instructions for the Revenue tracking goal within Optiverse:
Brian Abad
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