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Revenue tracking results

JC-Cavanaugh 06-06-16

Revenue tracking results

I have a questions regarding revenue tracking results:


1 - if the value is in cents and I have a number of 20,080.67 does this mean $200.80 or is the decimal there because it converted it into dollars and it's $20,080?


2 - if my experiment has a 300x200 graphic as the only change, if no one clicks on it but they do read what it says and then make a purchase is that how revenu is counted or is it only based on those who click on the actual experiment image and CTA?


Thanks so much for your help!

AllisonR 06-07-16

Re: Revenue tracking results

To address each of your questions: 


  1. The revenue value that you pass into Optimizely's revenue API call will be interpreted as cents. So if you were to use 20,080.67 this will show up in your results as $200.80
  2. The unique visitor count of the experiment will reflect the number of visitors who were bucketed into the experiment. So the revenue results will reflect all visitors who saw the experiment regardless of if they converted on the CTA or not. If you only wanted to track revenue for visitors who clicked on a CTA, a way around this would be to write some custom code which flags visitors when they click the CTA, then checks this flag before triggering the revenue tracking call later down the funnel. 


Does this clear things up? Hope this helps!



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Shanann 06-07-16

Re: Revenue tracking results

beckyhall 06-08-16

Re: Revenue tracking results

Just to clarify what Allison wrote, the revenue you input will be in cents, but you will see it on the results page as dollars. So in this screenshot from the results page $50,966.50 has been spent by people who were bucketed into the control and $47,299.70 was spent by people bucketed into the variation.

Visitors are included in an experiment (and simultaneously bucketed into a variation or the control) as soon as they pass the audience and url targeting conditions. Any money spent by a visitor who is included in the experiment will show up in the revenue section of the results page.