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Rotating Banners on home page

SueAinsley 05-12-15

Rotating Banners on home page

I wonder if you can help


I have updaled my home page to optimizely and the Rotating banners are static within the experiement - I am not changing the Rotating banners but I am changing the 3 boxes at the bottom of the page.


The page is


I assume when I set the experiment live the visitor will still see the rotating banners - i.e. they are not overwritten by the static image that is pulled through to the experiment? Is that right?




adzeds 05-12-15

Re: Rotating Banners on home page

If you have made no changes to the rotating banners then they should work as expected.

Have you tried previewing the variations to ensure that it all looks correct?
David Shaw
Level 11
SueAinsley 05-20-15

Re: Rotating Banners on home page

Thabks thats great - All working correctly!