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Rotating Banners on home page

SueAinsley 03-11-15
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Rotating Banners on home page

I wanted to get your advice on the best way to go about testing homepage variations. We are planning to test homepage banners based on new or returning Visitors, BUT the issue we have is that the banners rotate, and we want to present different banners to new users and returning users


Ideally, we would like to use the same page URL, BUT just change the Rotating banner images, based upon new or returning. 


For instance if we know the links to the alternate banners we want to test, could we swap them within Optimzely? Or would there have to be 2 separate page URL's - one for new visitors and one for returning visitors


Many thanks



Joel_Balmer 03-11-15

Re: Rotating Banners on home page

Hi there Sue - yes this sounds like it could be done using Optimizely!


The usual setup here would be to have an audience that targets new or returning visitors, perhaps by 'new / returning session' or by targeitng a cookie on your site that is for only new / returning visitors. You can have a look at all of our audience conditions, here.


Usually in this setup, you would have your normal site and then create and show a banner as part of your variation code. However, if you're looking to show different images for the same banner, this setup would work if you already had the banner on your website. Then, if they are let in (for instance, are new), you could change the image for the banner in the variation code.


But all of this could be done on the same URL - variation code just makes a tweak to the element ontop of the page.


I hope that helps!

MartijnSch 03-12-15

Re: Rotating Banners on home page

Hi Sue, have you considered a tool like Google DFP. They're the best in rotating banners to benefit most from it. Although Optimizely can do this probably would make it much easier.