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Run Optimizely with jQuery 2.0.0

Mr-BS 05-29-16
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Run Optimizely with jQuery 2.0.0

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we are using jQuery 2.0.0 as default on our projects.

Are there any known issues running Optimizely with this jQuery version or did I only have to worrie about not to fall allow the 1.4.2 version?

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Re: Run Optimizely with jQuery 2.0.0

Hi there,


Thanks for posting your question here! We support any jQuery that includes the jQuery functions that we use to run Optimizely, in our recommended minimum of jQuery 1.6.4 and up, see [this article]( Since jQuery 2.x also includes those functions (it's backwards compatible and we're using no deprecated functions), using jQuery 2.x should also work for you.


If you're upgrading to a higher version of jQuery, I recommend that you test your code to ensure nothing breaks.