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Segment by device not showing?

gesa 06-10-16

Segment by device not showing?

I have 2 free accounts to try out Optimizely for 2 different clients.  I added a audience segmentation in the first account for New Users and Desktop Only.  In the 2nd account, device type doesn't even show as a possible segment.  


Does anyone know why the audience options isn't giving me to segement by device on this one account?


Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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AllisonR 06-13-16

Re: Segment by device not showing?

It sounds like you are referring to the different available audience conditions described here, is this the case? If so, the device condition should be available with all subscriptions. Can you confirm that both the accounts you are working on are subscribed to a free Starter plan?


It is possible to have an Optimizely account without being signed up for a subscription. You can check this on the account settings page:



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