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Segment mobile users on a web test

GFP 05-17-16

Segment mobile users on a web test



We're runing a test at the moment testing an exit overlay across a critical part of the funnel. 


Are we able to segment by device so we can see the impact of the test across device segments? For example does the test have a negative impact on smartphones, does it even impact it at all etc. 


Thanks for your help!

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JasonDahlin 05-18-16

Re: Segment mobile users on a web test

Hi @GFP,

Optimizely only provides the  "Browser Family" breakdowns in their out of the box segmentation.  This is usually fine for determining "is there a browser that we made un-usable" (From my research differentiating by browser type seldom shows differences in user behavior but it will show that we jacked-up the website for one of the browsers due to browser differences (mostly CSS issues, but sometimes the browser itself (*ahem* IE *ahem*) doesn't support a certain method and therefore gets an undesirable experience).



To get a breakdown by different devices (iPhone vs iPad vs Android Tablet vs Android Phone vs Kindle, etc.), you will need to create a dimension/segment for the values you want to break it down by.  Check out this script available on github - - I use it to give me all sorts of breakdowns like browser name, browser major version, device type family, device type details, screen size, etc.


You could set this to run on every page (ideally, it could be limited to only once per session) and set the values for each dimension type that you want to break down by,

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