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Shrinking snippet with archiving

shirley 06-05-14

Shrinking snippet with archiving

Does anyone have any experience with the statement here involving archived experiements reducing the size of your snippet? What does that mean and how is it reduced?


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Amanda 06-06-14

Re: Shrinking snippet with archiving

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Hey Shirley!

The snippet includes the logic for all of your active, paused, and draft experiments. So, the more active, paused, and draft experiments you have in a specific project, the bigger your snippet size will be. When you archive an experiment, the experiment logic is no longer included in the snippet which reduces the size as a result.

Also, if you are already loading jQuery on your site, you can disable jQuery from loading in the snippet and this will reduce the snippet size pretty significantly. Looks like you have already done this!

Ideally, you want to keep your snippet size below 60KB.

Does this help clear things up for you? Let me know if you have any questions and I would be happy to provide more detail.

adzeds 06-09-14

Re: Shrinking snippet with archiving

It is also pretty good practice to get old experiments out of your dashboard to make it easier to manage your current tests.
David Shaw
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Miguel 09-17-14

Re: Shrinking snippet with archiving



I archived the paused experiments, and I always run 10 experiments at the same time, but the size of snippet is getting a bit bigger over time, so my  question is; The number of goals affects the size of the snippet? (because I am running the same number of experiments, but I have more goals over time)


Thank you.

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Amanda 09-17-14

Re: Shrinking snippet with archiving

Yes, goals are included in the snippet size. You can think of it this way: your snippet contains all of the logic for your experiments, so it contains goals, targeting conditions, variation code etc. All paused, draft and running experiments are also included in the snippet.


So, as a best practice, we recommend that you archive the old experiments that you are no longer using since this will remove these experiements from the snippet. Goals should not cause the snippet size to increase much, and I would caution against deleting them because you will also lose the results associated with the goal in doing so. 


Does this help clear things up?