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Site doesn't work

Conor 02-02-15

Site doesn't work

There appears to be a problem with the site. I registered and after creating a project I'm lead to a sparce CSS free page that looks broken. You don't make a support email address available nor a contact form so I have to post it here. This form doesn't allow me to upload images so I cant easily show you a screenshot. Hope you can fix it.
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Brian_Abad 02-03-15

Re: Site doesn't work

Hi there,

Optiverse is definitely a great resource to utilize to search for answers and post questions!

Could you provide me steps to reproduce what's going on? I can try to see if I can replicate the error on my end to take a closer look.

One thing to note is that an experiment should be created within the same project as the snippet that is installed on a webpage. For example, if the Optimizely snippet with an ID of 1234567 is installed on a page, an experiment for this specific page will need to be created within Project 1234567 in your Optimizely Dashboard. You can see the Project ID in the URL of your Optimizely Dashboard.

Another important thing with loading your site into the visual editor is enabling mixed content. Optimizely is an HTTPS site and some HTTP sites may not load correctly into the editor. Enabling mixed content resolves this problem. More on that process is covered in our knowledge base:

Let us know how we can be of more help!
Brian Abad
Manager, Technical Support
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