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Social Media Traffic Segmentation

chrisgosling 11-21-14
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Social Media Traffic Segmentation

I am beggining to use audiences to segment my experiments. I want to be able to view how users who came to our site through twitter are impacted by variations vs everyone else. I set up an audience, chose the referer URL option, and entered


My concern is that this will only include users who came directly from I want to make sure I am also including users who came from the twitter mobile app or other stand alone apps like hootsuite or tweetdeck.  Will this segment include these users or is there another way I should be setting this up?


Amanda 11-21-14

Re: Social Media Traffic Segmentation

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Hey Chris - I just tested document.referrer from a Twitter app, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and a browser. In all scenarios, the document.referrer URL looks like "" where S9kWwuF63a is a unique ID. You can build your segment around referring URL with substring match to and this should do the trick.

Is this what you've seen too, or is there something you've noticed that suggests otherwise?


Re: Social Media Traffic Segmentation

Thanks Amanda,

This is exactly what I was looking for! I never knew about checking document.referrer!