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Sorry, but we were unable to load…

skillsnap 02-07-17

Sorry, but we were unable to load…



I'm getting the "Sorry, but we were unable to load…" message and when I open the "Diagnostic Report" I read that "Your experiment's targeting url settings don't match" - but the "Final Url" is actually empty. Any ideas?

JasonDahlin 02-07-17

Re: Sorry, but we were unable to load…

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"Sorry, we're unable to load" -- happens a lot and isn't always a real issue but could be. 

The most common method of getting it to load is to open the URL in a different tab in the same browser.  This gives the benefit of caching the images and scripts to allow for faster load time in the editor and also it checks to make sure that the URL is reachable by your browser (for example, if I try to load our EU site while in the US, it won't load, or if I have my browser set to spoof a mobile device and I use a "www" URL, it won't load).  Once it loads, copy and paste the URL from the tab where it loaded into the editor and use that (just in case there are any typos in the URL you entered).


Be sure to check for the "allow insecure content" message - if you are loading a non-secure website into the editor, it will cause a security warning.  (Since the editor is https and all modern browsers disallow non-secure content from loading on secure pages, you have to manually bypass the security protocols to let it load the non-secure content)


If the technique above doesn't work, you may need to look at whether your site allows itself to be framed from another site (some sites prevent htemselves from being placed in someone else's iframe).


Ultimately, though, you may not need the editor at all - unless you are using the editor to make your changes (some of us skip the editor altogether and write the variation's code by hand and place it into the "edit block" window),


"Your experiment's targeting url settings don't match"

Another quirk that happens *a lot*.  And by "a lot" I mean like 99% of my experiments tell me this.  If you are confident that the snippet is on the page you are trying to manipulate, don't worry about this message.


"the "Final Url" is actually empty"

I've never seen this, but it would mean that the editor does nto actually have a URL that it can try to reach.  I would go to "Options --> Edtor settings" and re-enter the URL (hopefully this is already addressed when you did the first technique mentioned above to get the site to load in the editor).  If you have a URL in your editor, and this message persists even after updating it and saving your experiment, IMO, delete the experiment and start a new one, it sounds like it is corrupted somehow.


--Jason Dahlin
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