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Split Testing A CSS Stylesheet

hammersm 02-17-15

Split Testing A CSS Stylesheet



I want to do a site wide test which I know how to do with the url targeting.  But I want to split test a completely different style sheet on oage load and then use that stylesheet for the duration of the users visit.



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Joel_Balmer 02-18-15

Re: Split Testing A CSS Stylesheet

Hi there! You can achieve what you want by different methods.


You can perform a standard redirect to a new page that uses the new stylesheet, and then the user from there could navigate around the site using your new site that includes the new stylesheet. You perform a redirect in this way, here.


However, it should be possible to swap the current stylesheet out with jQuery in our code editor, with something similar to:



For reference, I used this source, here.


And from here you can target the experiment to run on substring match for your domain, from 'Options > URL targeting'


I hope that helps!