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Split test the Query used for Home Page Rotating Baners

VoracioCommerce 11-04-15

Split test the Query used for Home Page Rotating Baners

Hello Optiverse


I would like to run a split test on one of my sites home page banners. but I'm not sure of the best/easiest approach.


Essentially. I have 4 x sliding banners on my home page (each banner has a teaser thumbnail to assist the UX).


At the moment, the 4 banners are assigned in the CMS (picked from a library of banners that the admin can manage). So lets say I have 24 banner sat in the library that can be used.


Currently, the page is not using any personalization, so that banners are likely to be not too relevant to the customer (for this reason I am using more so business/service/confidence instilling creative).


I would like to test these 4 specific banners against assinging 4 random banners each time the page loads.


So, for this I can program in a number of ways, for example:


Variant 1 uses a database query that pulls the same 4 banners each time

Variant 2 uses a database query that pulls 4 banners at random


At the moment the banner area is within an include file, for example:


<!--#include virtual="/layout/content/home-banner.asp" -->


So, whats the best way to do this? Do I create another include file which uses a different database query:


<!--#include virtual="/layout/content/home-banner-V2.asp" -->


Or can I somehow use just the one file but wrap some optimizely code around the query itself.


Many thanks for any help with this.





Re: Split test the Query used for Home Page Rotating Baners

Hi James,

Have you tried replacing the images within the Optimizely editor (the same way you would change out one image)? What was the result?

Amy Herbertson
Customer Success