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Split-testing headlines in multiple locations

Koviko 05-21-14

Split-testing headlines in multiple locations

We run a blog. We'd like to do split-testing on headlines. However, we want to be sure that any particular user sees the correct headline regardless of where it is seen. Headlines are visible:


  • On the article page,
  • On the home page, and
  • In the archives.

How would we accomplish this?


P.S. As a side note, if someone shares an article on Facebook, how can we ensure that users who click that headline get the same headline as the sharer?

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adrian 05-22-14

Re: Split-testing headlines in multiple locations

Hi Koviko,


The scenario you describe seems to be best solved using our Multi-Page test feature. I'm assuming that the page layouts for each of the pages is different - e.g. the headline appears in different places or different HTML elements. Using the multi-page test  feature, you can load multiple pages into the test, and tell us what to do for a given variation. Once a user is bucketed into the experiment and sees a variation, they will see the same variation on any other pages included in the test. 


Here's a link to a page on our Academy that that covers how to set up Multi-page tests.


Regarding the second piece of your question. That scenario is a bit trickier to solve for. In the settings to share the page, you'd have to add a query parameter to help identify what version the user saw. You'd then have to set up another experiment that targeted the URL's in question and force the user to a specific variation. This piece is a bit more involved. Feel free to reach out to our support team - for more information.