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Starter Plan: does it still exist?

julieahn96 07-07-16
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Starter Plan: does it still exist?



I have signed up to use the Starter Plan but since I exceeded the number of visitors, Optimizely is telling me to wait for the next billing cycle. However, I have been reading that Optimizely does not offer legacy plans anymore, so I was wondering if that affected the current plan I have. Also, I don´t know where I can find out the date for the billing cycle. 


Thank you so much for this awesome feature! 

Mario 07-08-16

Re: Starter Plan: does it still exist?

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to the community!

It is true that we don't offer Starter Plans anymore. Here is a good overview of the available plan types . However, existing Free Starter Plan subscribers can continue using this plan type for now.

When reaching the 50.000 Monthly Unique Visitors (MUV) limit, Optimizely automatically pauses all running experiments. You have to wait until the next renewal date (billing cycle) before you can activate those experiments again.

The current usage, as well as other account information can be found on

I hope this helps!


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