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Stuck on Loading Preview

behe 05-22-15

Stuck on Loading Preview

When I try to load a preview of my experiment it pretty consistently hangs with the Loading Preview screen overlay.  It doesn't do it every time, and it seems to go in spurts.  I can be viewing the preview fine on one attempt, then I can refresh the page without any editing of the underlying experiment, and the page just sits on the loading preview page.  I can try 5-10 times in a row and it won't load, then 2 or 3 times in a row it will load. 


I can't correlate it with anything specific thing that I'm doing or can observe.  Anyone have thoughts on this?

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Mario 05-26-15

Re: Stuck on Loading Preview

Hi behe,


I'd like to take a closer look at this issue. Could you please submit a support ticket through


Besides using the preview, there are also other methods to test your experiment. A good description can be found on this knowledge base article. How you switch between variations can be read here.





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xgrioux 12-01-16

Re: Stuck on Loading Preview

I'm having the same issue. My internet is very fast and the preview doesn't load. It's important that I see this preview to make sure the Test is Valid....
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