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Tagging Customers in Zendesk

rmacasieb 01-29-16

Tagging Customers in Zendesk

Is there an integration so that when a customer falls into a test, I can add a ticket to said customer in Zendesk?


Mario 02-01-16

Re: Tagging Customers in Zendesk

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Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to Optiverse.

Unfortunately there is currently no Zendesk integration available. A list of all available integrations can be found here.

However, please have a look at our JS API reference page. Perhaps you can use some of the available API calls to build your own logic. 



   - returns a list of all active experiments on a page, that a visitor qualifies for (meeting all targeting conditions) 



   - returns a list of all experiments and their corresponding variations, which a visitor has been bucketed into


I hope this helps!


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