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Targeting url settings don't match

Dominello 01-13-15

Targeting url settings don't match

I'm new to Optimizly and can't even get past the set-up phase.  I'm using Shopify and have added the code snippet to the website (, but Optimizely gives me to error message, "Sorry, but we were unable to load".  However, when I open the URL validator tool within the Diagnostic Report, it says the URLs match.  I've included screen  shots below. 


Does anyone have any ideas?  Thanks in advance.


Error Page 1.jpg

Error Page 2.jpg

Error Page 3.jpg


Error Page 4.jpg

JDahlinANF 01-13-15

Re: Targeting url settings don't match

I see the snippet load on your site and your site does not prevent itself from being loaded in an iFrame...


sometimes the editor just plain doesn't like to load a site if it doesn't load fast enough.  Refresh your editor page a few times and see if it eventually loads.

Dominello 01-15-15

Re: Targeting url settings don't match

Hi Napoleon,


I've tried refreshing the page several times but I'm getting the same result. 


Is there anything else I can try or am I just not going to be able to use Optimizley?



Abbey 04-26-16

Re: Targeting url settings don't match

Did you ever get anywhere with this? As I'm currently having the exact same problem, however on a page I have previously run several tests on.

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