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Test Main Navigation across the entire site

conradical 08-11-14
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Test Main Navigation across the entire site


So I want to test a menu variation (top level and the dropdown options) across the site. In the "Multi Page Test" I yet have to add every single page of the site and make my edit. Is there a way to edit the menu and set it to "Entire Site"?


I hope this makes sense.



Test and see.
Gary 08-11-14

Re: Test Main Navigation across the entire site

Hi Conradical, this is a great question!

This feature is actually better done by dividing your experiment's setup into two components:

1. The modification of your menu
2. The pages you want to run the experiment on

Since the modification of your menu is (most likely) the same modification made on every page, you can use the page you load into the Editor as a template for this change. Go ahead and make this change in a simple A/B experiment (not a multi=-page test)

I'd recommend NOT using a multipage experiment, but rather a simple A/B test because of how we can approach the second step.

In part 2, we're discussing which pages to run this experiment on - we call this URL Targeting and the option you're looking for here would be a substring match.

This help article discusses this feature and how to use it:

To have an experiment run across your entire domain, simply make the substring match for you domain. in Optimizely's case, I'd use '' as a substring match. This would run on any page that contains '' in the URL and has the Optimizely Snippet installed.

I hope this helps, please let me know if there's any confusion!
- Gary
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adzeds 08-12-14

Re: Test Main Navigation across the entire site

As has been said already.


Just open up any page of your site in the editor and make your changes and run that across a match of your domain name using the substring selector.


No need to make this harder by trying to run a multi-page test.

David Shaw
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conradical 08-13-14

Re: Test Main Navigation across the entire site

Thanks! I will use this today and see how it goes.
Test and see.
MJBeisch 08-13-14

Re: Test Main Navigation across the entire site

I've run this exact type of experiment multiple times and what Gary said is exactly correct. Use the loaded page as a template and then substring match the root domain across your entire site for the URL targeting. Also note that if there are any pages that you explicitly do NOT want the changes to show up on, then make sure to add those as targeting exclusions.
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conradical 08-13-14

Re: Test Main Navigation across the entire site

Thanks guys. It was pretty straight forward. I have my experiment set up and ready to flip the switch. Here's to testing!

On a side note, I've seen many communities that beat down on the first time guy who asks a question that has been asked a million times. You guys were kind enough to just help... thanks!
Test and see.
checksteph 01-16-18

Re: Test Main Navigation across the entire site



Great responses that answer most of what I'm trying to do.  I just came across this post and have further questions regarding testing a new top navigation menu.  


1. In Editing Mode, is there a way to view the new dropdowns I am testing?

2. How can I click-test each link in a drop-down? (and, should I?)