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Test a restricted site with basic authentication

rlill 02-12-15

Test a restricted site with basic authentication

Is there a way to tell Optimizely a username/password to login when loading a page in the editor?


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Amanda 02-12-15

Re: Test a restricted site with basic authentication

Great question. Here are a couple resources that should definitely help answer your question.


How to a load a page that requires a login into the editor

A community discussion around a very similar issue


Essentially you will want to do the following

  1. Confirm the Optimizely snippet is on the page
  2. Open your site in a browser tab and navigate to the page you wish to edit. This may entail logging in, adding an item to your cart, or completing a portion of a form. Take the exact steps that get you to the page into the form you want to edit
  3. Next, open Optimizely in an adjacent tab within the same browser and create an experiment using the URL of the page you’d like to test.
JohannesR 04-03-17

Re: Test a restricted site with basic authentication



I did exactly as described in your post bove and this allowed me to create the different test cases on our checkout page. However, when I go live with the test and activate it via manual activation dependent on a specific product in the shopping cart  - not sure if that is essential - it will always load the product displayed in optimizely when I created the test. The product I had initially in the shopping cart will vanish. How can we fix this issue?




JasonDahlin 04-03-17

Re: Test a restricted site with basic authentication

hi @JohannesR - It sounds like maybe you used the WYSIWYG editor to add something to your page.  It also sounds like the thing you added was very specific (e.g., you did not "detach()" an item on the page and "append()" it to a different location and then change the CSS on it.  Rather, you maybe deleted something and then added a very specific thing to your page).


If so, then you will need to go into "edit code" and change the code so that it works with whatever product happens to be on the page rather than the one specific product you had in your cart when you used the editor.

--Jason Dahlin
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