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Test multiple product pages

Rowena 03-07-17

Test multiple product pages



I would like to test a specific element across approx. 20 Product Detail Pages. 


The hypothisis is that "if we integrate informations about the height of our models to the product detail page that this will increase revenue and decrease the returns."


My Question is now how i can build up this test? I can think about two solutions here. 


1.) I create single 20 Experiments (high effort :-()


or better


2.) I can create a single experiment that contains 20 URL's  


Any help/ideas/suggestions/  would be greatly appreciated :-)



Thanks in advance for your help!!










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tomfuertes 03-07-17

Re: Test multiple product pages

If you run 20 separate experiments it will be hard for them to reach significance (since all 20 till be random and then you'll have some people who go to another product page and buy). In that light I think the best two options are:


1. Have engineering put the height on the page with a specific selector. Hide the height on one of the pages in Optimizely and then open up the code and change the selector to be the generic one engineering implemented. 


2. Code up something custom to inject the height across all pages like:


var urlAndHeightMap = {
  "/product/1/": "12 inches",
  "/product/2/": "9 inches",

var height = urlAndHeightMap[location.pathname];

if (height) {


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Jason-GSell 03-07-17

Re: Test multiple product pages

Hi @Rowena


Building on @tomfuertes's reply, if you want to easily target an experiment to multiple URL's, you can use a Substring Match in your URL Targeting or a Regular Expression. 

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JasonDahlin 03-07-17

Re: Test multiple product pages


1- Add the informtion to the page, wrapped in a unique jQuery selector so you can hide it via the experiment

2- Use regular expression to target all of your product pages (if, however, you have lots and lots of product pages but model information would be only on 20, then you would still use URL Targeting for the affected pages, but may want to go with a different approach than regular expressions... a list of simple-match URLs may be easier to create/modify/understand)

3- In your experiment, add CSS that makes the information invisible to the control group, e.g.:

/* _optimizely_evaluate=force */
$('head').prepend('<style>.model_details {display:none !important;}</style>');
/* _optimizely_evaluate=safe */

The only reason you would want to create 20 different experiments is if you wanted to test the model information on 20 different products (as in, maybe it helps some products and hurts others and you would go forward with showing it on some and not on others based on the results of these experiments.

--Jason Dahlin
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robertchan 03-08-17

Re: Test multiple product pages

Depending on your dev resources, you can also have someone on dev site build out whatever the brand new element is, and have the display for that element set to none. Then in your experiment, you would target the URLs you intend to target, and simple have visitors either see the original variant, or hide the original using something along the lines of what Jason suggested whilst unhiding the new variant.
Robert Chan

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