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Test of an entire redesign

John51 02-09-15

Test of an entire redesign

Hello all - first time poster, long time lurker. I've been using optimizely off and on for single page A/B tests. But now something more 'exciting' has come from a client. They are on the brink of launching an entirely new design and want to run an A/B test of the new design against the old. I've be very grateful if anyone could share their experience of setting up and running this in Optimizely. Tips, watch-fors etc - any support gratefully received!


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Joel_Balmer 02-09-15

Re: Test of an entire redesign

Hi John!


From what you describe, it sounds like you're looking for a URL redirect test. This is where you can A/B test pages that are for example entirely rewritten, instead of having to rewrite the page in the editor (which is not preferred an can slow down page loading). You can read about how to set them up in our article, here.


Let us known if this would be useful for your situation, and if not feel free to share your thoughts - perhaps someone has some extra tips they can contribute.


I hope that helps!