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Testing Generic pages on BigCommerce

JonathanJo 02-28-15

Testing Generic pages on BigCommerce

I'm new to Optimizely and I want to test, for example, changing the 'Add to Cart' button which appears on all 1200 product pages on my BigCommerce site. Does Optimizely allow this? From the tutorials I can only see how to do it page by page, url by url...


I also want to test changes in the checkout page, but the checkout page 'mywebsite/checkout.php' has a number of expanding sections (such as 'Billing Details', 'Shipping Details', 'Order Confirmation', etc) and if I put the url of the page into Optimizely it only shows the first section (which isn't the one I want to test). How can I test the other expanding elements, as they all have the same url?


Help appreciated.

greg 02-28-15

Re: Testing Generic pages on BigCommerce

Hey Jonathan, you can change the URL Targeting to match multiple URL's. For example, if your product pages all have a URL like this:


You can have target "" with substring match. More on URL matching here:


To expand sections in the Editor, switch to Interactive mode (top-right of editor area) and click on an area to expand it, then switch back to Editing mode and edit as usual.

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