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Testing Old vs New Version of a website

jerryaus 04-17-15
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Testing Old vs New Version of a website

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We recently released a new version of our website. The old version is still live at and the new version is at

I want to run a test in all pages of the old version vs all pages of the new version. Basically the user will access the live version and have the option (by clicking in a button) to go tho the beta site. or keep navigation on the live site.


How can I do that on Optimizely? I imagine that it can be done via URL targeting. 


Also I want to include a cap of 300,000 users for the beta site. That means that I want to include everyone on the test, however when we reach the number of 300,000 users on the beta site all the users should see only the live site and no traffic be directed to Beta (new version)


Is that possible?



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Mario 04-17-15

Re: Testing Old vs New Version of a website

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Hi there,


Optimizely allows you to create redirect experiments where you can set a certain amount of visitors being redirected from to Within the traffic allocation window you can change this number. If you decide to stop the redirect after 300.00 visitors you can either stop the experiment or pause the running experiment duplicate, set to 100% traffic allocation and run the duplicated experiment.


However, if you provide a button to navigate to there is no need to setup a redirect experiment. In this case you might want to setup two single experiments (since you are testing on two different domains) which track similar or specific goals.


I hope that is helpful. Feel more than free to reply back with any additional questions at all.


Kind regards,



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