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Testing Products

anna90 09-21-16

Testing Products



I would like to test the quantity of options for a product on my page. So my product has about 30 options for colors and I would like to test that and test only having about 8 options. Does anyone know how to do this?


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Zsolt 09-21-16

Re: Testing Products

Hi Anna,

This can be done in several ways, depending of course on how your options are displayed. Do you have a dropdown? Or swatches that the user can select? If the color oprions are clickable separately (like buttons) then you can just hide the ones you don't want in the variation. For a dropdown you'd have to edit your code and limit the number of options from there.

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robertchan 09-22-16

Re: Testing Products

If you share the code or page here, I'm sure someone can help. You'll set the control then to just what you already have, and on the variant, you can use code to remove 22 of the 30 options.
Robert Chan

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