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Testing Variations with and without Pop-ups

rawatprakash 03-11-15

Testing Variations with and without Pop-ups

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Hey, has anyone implemented a test using a popup form and no popup? How can we control to show popup for 50% users and no-popup for the rest.

Test A: Homepage with popup
Test B: Homepage without popup

Kindly let me know, how it could be implemented.

Amanda 03-11-15

Re: Variation of Popup and No-Popup

Great question. You can click the "edit code" button at the bottom of the editor to insert the code needed to create your pop-up or to remove the existing popup. The code to do this depends on how your site is built and may require some help from a developer.

There are a couple great discussions in Optiverse about popups and I've linked to them below in case you find them useful: 

Let me know if you need additional information. Also, the more detail you can provide about the goals of your test and what you are trying to do specfically, the better.