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Testing a referral program possible in Optimizely?

kouverk 05-20-15

Testing a referral program possible in Optimizely?

We have refer-a-friend program on our webiste that works in the following way: after making a purchase on our site, customres are sent an email containing a referral url. If they send that url to a friend they can save a certain percentage on their purchase. With that url, the friend, upon using it can also save a certain amount as well.

We'd like to run two versions of the referral program to find out which is more successful at referring people back to our site.

This test would invole tracking 3 things 1. the url's of type A and of type B, 2. when our site was re-accessed by these respective url's, and 3. the conversion rates of each type of url.


Having difficulty constructing any type of test built in optimizley that could effectively do this. 



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MartijnSch 05-21-15

Re: Testing a referral program possible in Optimizely?

Well I guess you mostly have to focus on fixing a lot of tracking first to make sure you can also run your Optimizely experiments the right way. What I would do is track the variant that your users are in and save that via the Optimizely JS API to your web analytics package. By doing that you can know who is in what variant and follow them through the funnel the rest of the experiment.


For setting up the experiment itself, I would focus on using the parameter in the URL, you could use that one probably to segment these users in your tests and based on that make sure the traffic is allocated between the two?

Does it all make sense?