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Testing formatted email versus plain text

chuckee 06-23-14

Testing formatted email versus plain text


We currently send out a very basic plain text 'verification' email which asks our new users to verify their email address by clicking on a link. This is sent out from a PHP file.

We'd like to split test an HTML formatted email containing a button, and measure the improvement in the number of people who verify their email address.


Is it possible to do that with Optimizely? i.e. split test some specific section of PHP code?

Or is Optimizely only able to be used for visual changes on a webpage?



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Kathryn 06-23-14

Re: Testing formatted email versus plain text

Hi Chuckee,

Unfortunately it's not possible to make changes to an email using Optimizely. The way our tool works is by installing a JavaScript snippet on a webpage, which then executes jQuery code as the page loads in order to create variations on your live site.

We do have some clients who use email to send their customers to different landing pages, which they have customised using Optimizely, but modifying the email itself is not an option.

Best wishes,
adzeds 06-23-14

Re: Testing formatted email versus plain text

This is not a test for Optimizely.

If you are able to code PHP then you could build the tracking in yourself.

You would simply need to track two numbers:

1. Number of emails sent out in each format
2. Number of people who activate from each email

This can be coded in PHP without the need for a third party software.

Just create a testing table in your DB and store the data, you can then calculate the conversion rate of each email.
David Shaw
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