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Testing new copy on linked-to pages

alexk 04-20-16

Testing new copy on linked-to pages

I'd like to set up an A/B test where we test different copy on linked-to pages from the homepage. We have a gender split homepage and I'd like to test sending 50% of traffic from the homepage to our current men's page and 50% to a men's page variant with different copy. We'd like to do the same for the women's experience as well.


I'm familiar with changing the HTML elements on a page, but am not sure how to change the element on a linked-to page from the primary experiment page (the homepage). Is this possible?  Thanks.

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Lyndsey 04-22-16

Re: Testing new copy on linked-to pages

Hi Alex,


You can set this up by creating redirect tests for each url - the male and the female product pages, with a 50/50 split between the new and old pages. Here is more information on creating reidrect tests:


If you'd like to ensure that the traffic is only captured from people who are navigating directly from the homepage, you can set up the audience condition for each test to be a "referrer url" audience condition that targets the hompage url. Here's more information on that condition:



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