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Testing on two different domains

nathbruz 09-19-14

Testing on two different domains

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We're interested in doing split domain testing where we'd send half the traffic to one domain and the other half of the traffic to a 2nd domain:

Control Domain: = 50% traffic

Split Test Domain: = 50% traffic


Is this possible with optimizely?

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MartijnSch 09-22-14

Re: Split url testing different domains

Yes, this should be possible as you could redirect the traffic to a new domain or whatever URL.
Amanda 09-22-14

Re: Split url testing different domains

Hi @nathbruz , 


@Martijn is correct in that technically you could set up a redirect to to this, but you will see inaccurate reporting for visits to the variation domain and you will not be able to track events on the variation domain. The reason for this is because Optimizely uses third-party cookies and your second page is on a new/different domain than the experiement. 


If you are up for a technical workaround, you could add a hidden iframe to the second domain as described in the support article here. Otherwise, I would recommend keeping your experiment on the same domain if possible. 


Let me know if you have any questions!