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Testing one variation

royhalevy 08-04-14

Testing one variation


I have a call to action button in my homepage, and one on the pricing page

I would like to see how many people click it from each page. how do I do that? 

MartijnSch 08-04-14

Re: Testing one variation



From within the visual editor you're able to click the element you would like to track the number of clicks for. By doing within the reports the number of clicks for each variant will show up.

Amanda 08-04-14

Re: Testing one variation

@royhalevy - setting up these click goals should be pretty easy. Where is your experiment actually running? On your homepage?


If the buttons you want to track exist on a page that exists outside of your experiment page then you will just need to take one extra step to get the goal working. By default, click goals are only tracked on the pages that meet your experiment's targeting conditions. So, to get this goal to be tracked, you will need to edit the goal targeting. For details on this, check out our support article here:


If you create a unique goal for the CTA clicks on the homepage and a unique goal for clicks on the pricing page CTA, then you will see the conversions for each of these goals for each variation separately. 


Let us know if this answers your question. If not, can you provide some more details on where exactly you're getting hung up and I can provide more information Smiley Happy

GrazittiI 08-07-14

Re: Testing one variation

This can be done with MultiPage Experiment which allows customize CTA on 2 or more pages. You need to add the "click goal" as an event on CTA.