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Testing shopping cart

KevinDFZ 04-27-16

Testing shopping cart



I was wondering if it's possible to test dynamic content like a Shopify shopping cart with Optimizely? I noticed that interactive mode doesn't support going to another page, and there's no fixed URL for a shopping cart that already has stuff in it because it's based on user account/user input. How would I test something like this?



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JasonDahlin 04-27-16

Re: Testing shopping cart

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Hi @KevinDFZ - 

Try this:

In one tab, put stuff in your cart then navigate to the shopping cart page.
In another tab, use the first tab's shopping cart URL for your editor.
Hopefully it loads the cart for you so you can use Editing mode to build your experiment.

If not, skip that part entirely and use your first tab to write the code that does what you want your experiment to do and load that into the variation directly. Depending on your level of JavaScript/jQuery expertise, you may need to consult your developers (or hire someone freelance to help you build it)

--Jason Dahlin
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