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Testing video autoplay on Wordpress

vm2902 12-08-15

Testing video autoplay on Wordpress

I've been tasked with what seemed like a fairly straightforward request but I'm having trouble just getting started. Sorry if I'm just being thick but could someone please tell me how, or point me where to look, to set this up?


We have a website running Wordpress and the home page has a video. We'd like to test to see if we get better clickthroughs when the video is set to autoplay or not to autoplay. The video is hosted on You Tube and embedded on the site using a plugin.


Is there a accepted of way of tracking video autoplay?


I'm brand new to Optimizely and I've browsed through the forum but haven't been able to find the answer I'm looking for. I'm okay with PHP, JS and Wordpress.


Thanks in advance.




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Re: Testing video autoplay on Wordpress

Hi @vm2902,


Great question, and one we're seeing more and more of across all verticals.  We actually have written some code to help you track actions your visitors take on YouTube videos here.  Our code covers basic actions like playing, pausing, and finishing the video. Since YouTube's API does make it easy to enable autoplay, so you could use two different variations to deliver your video as autoplayed and not, and then measure interaction with the video through those custom event goals.


Please let us know if wrking with that code gets you to where you want to be!

Harrison Krat
Solutions Architect | Optimizely, Inc.