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Testing virtual pages created by developer

jvlas 02-22-17

Testing virtual pages created by developer

Hi all

I want to test signup and payment stages of the customer journey for a client.  Our client's developer describes these particular steps as being 'virtual pages' which do not appear to have their own unique URL and I am told they are unable to be tracked in Google Analytics. 

Does anyone know how to set up an opitmisely test for the sort of 'virtual pages'?

FYI - each 'virtual page' I want to test has a CTA button that is required to be clicked by users in order move to the next stage.

Therefore, can we set up optimisely to track an event for these 'virtual pages' without it being connected to unique URL?

Your suggested solution will be greatly appreciated.  

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RyanC 02-22-17

Re: Testing virtual pages created by developer

You can use Conditional Activation mode to launch a test. Simply by letting Optimizely poll the website until the button is visible to the user.


More info:

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