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Testing webpages behind a firewall

Chris 09-17-14
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Testing webpages behind a firewall



can anyone tell me if it's possible to test pages that are behind a firewall and not accessible from the internet?

All my attempts to load these pages into the editor failed. So does Optimizely need direct access to the page or not?




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Amanda 09-18-14

Re: Testing webpages behind a firewall

Optimizely loads the page in the editor just as if you were to open this URL in a new tab. So, if you are unable to access this page normally, Optimizely will not be able to access it either. One way around this would be to create a static replication of the page that does not have the firewall restrictions and load this page into the editor so you can make the desired changes.

If you can load the page, then Optimizely should be able to as well (we are essentially just iFraming your page). A couple things to check are whether the snippet is successfully on the page and whether you have iFrame security settings on your site.

If you want to share your URL, I could take a look at it in more detail.
Chris 09-18-14

Re: Testing webpages behind a firewall

Thank you very much for your answer, I haven't inserted the snippet into the pages yet, so this might be reason. I'll get in touch if it still doesn't work afterwards.
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