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Testing with An iFrame

tl 08-26-14

Testing with An iFrame

Hey Guys,


I'm wondering if there's any reason I shouldn't be able to insert an iFrame with Optimizely as I can't seem to get the iFrame to display in the editor or preview.


It might sound kind of crazy but basically I'm looking to create a test varition for part of a page with Unbounce ( and then insert an iFrame in the part of a page that I'd be looking to test using Optimizely.


The reason I'm looking to do it this way is so that I can create a great looking design, which Unbounce makes easy without our dev team, and then test that. If it's successful I'd go back and have our dev team build it.



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GrazittiI 08-27-14

Re: Testing with An iFrame

Hi Jon,

Good Question!

Optimizely allows you to add iframes.
If you are not able to display your iFrame code, there might be a chance that it is due to Loading Mixed Content Error.
It occurs usually when we have conflict of http:\\ and https:\\ in the webpage url and iframe url.

You can fetch more details from here:

Hope this works!

Re: Testing with An iFrame

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nm, doing something similar, making a new thread