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Thank You Confirmation Page - More views than sales

Caroline 12-17-14

Thank You Confirmation Page - More views than sales

In an experiment we are running, the Thank you/Confirmation page has more views than the number of purchases that have been made. Do you think this is due to Bots or are there other common reasons for this? 


For example, after two days of testing results are showing 83 unique visitor views of the confirmation page, but there were only 27 sales yesterday. 

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td_evans 12-17-14

Re: Thank You Confirmation Page - More views than sales

Do you link to the thank you confirmation page from an email? Or anywhere else?


We had a similar issue with an activation page, where views were higher than the actual figure. And we hypothesised that some of that was caused by multi device users,


I.E -

Conversion 1 - they enter experiment on Desktop, complete the order and view the confirmation page. 

Conversion 2 - Then they go on their iPad, are entered into the experiment. Don't complete any orders, but view the thank you page via the account. This would count as another conversion. 


But, this is actually only a single sale which has been made

Thomas Evans
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Brian_Abad 12-17-14

Re: Thank You Confirmation Page - More views than sales

I'd like to piggy back on what @td_evans said - are there other ways for users to reach the confirmation page after purchase completion? Does the page view goal you had set-up exclusively target the purchase confirmation page or could it be a substring match that may include other unintended pages?


Let us know how these ideas sound to you, @Caroline !


Brian Abad
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Caroline 12-18-14

Re: Thank You Confirmation Page - More views than sales

Hi Brian and TD
My client tells me that the thank you page is not sent in a link anywhere, but that they do offer payment options like paypal - and maybe users see the thank you page more than once when they use paypal. However, the page views are counted according to unique visitors, so unless paypal opens in new browser (or maybe incognito mode?) then the page view would only count one time.

The URL is set up as a simple match, so I don't think that's an issue.
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JDahlinANF 12-18-14

Re: Thank You Confirmation Page - More views than sales

Without knowing the site or explicitly how either of these metrics are measured...

Unless an order can be placed without adding an item to your cart and submitting payment information, I doubt "bots" is the answer.


Common reasons why Order Confirmation has more views than you have sales:

1- users refresh the page

2- people bookmark their order confirmation page in hopes of viewing it again later (especially true if they think this is where they need to go to see updated informatoin on their order status (status, delivery date, etc.)

3- people send links to friends/family (e.g., when I bought bicycles for Christmas, I emailed the URL of the order to my wife so she could see what I was having shipped)

4- links to the page via "track order", "order history", etc.


You've indicated #1 would not show up in the metric because you are looking at views per visitor (are you sure it's visitor and not visit?  if I sit on the confirmation page for an hour and then refresh, I am probably in a new visit)

You've indicated #4 is not possible on this site, so cross that off the list.



Caroline 12-19-14

Re: Thank You Confirmation Page - More views than sales

[ Edited ]

- The page views is unique visitor, or at least that is what the annotation definition says ( "number of unique visitors who triggered this goal" )

- The thank you page only includes the order number. It could be that the users are bookmarking the page or emailing themselves a link to it - they would have to then look at it on another device or browser to be counted twice, if I am understanding the count correctly. But the numbers are more than double..

- In the last three days, there have been 88 sales, and the results report has 183 views of the thank you page


- The numbers are relatively small, I wonder what the normal deviation is for pageview counts

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greg 12-19-14

Re: Thank You Confirmation Page - More views than sales

I'll just throw this idea out there: Could it be that the goal is being triggered on a staging environment? You're probably not counting those as "sales," but Optimizely may not know the difference, depending on where the snippet is installed and your URL targeting.

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