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The landing not play at firefox

comprogar 10-14-16

The landing not play at firefox

I made a custom landing with optimizely, far so good.

But I have a problem is that with the chrome browser page looks like I have done.


But when I go through firefox, the page I get normal as tapeworms before making change with optimizely.


What's going ono? Can somebody hel me?

Reneevl 10-17-16

Re: The landing not play at firefox

Hi there,


It's very hard to say exactly what might be going on without seeing the code.

However what might be an issue here is that you are perhaps using the "Move and Resize" option to move the element around. If you're making big location changes, the recommended method is to use "Rearrange" to get it as close as possible and then use "Move and Resize" to make final tweaks!

Read more about this here.


I hope this helps!



Renée van Leijen
Technical Support Engineer
robertchan 10-17-16

Re: The landing not play at firefox

The normal as tapeworms part sounds like you might have some page flashing. You can try adjust flickering elements so that changes are made with CSS and/or dynamically created CSS. Otherwise, I'd recommend making sure the placement of your Optimizely snippet is as high up on the page as Optimizely recommends.
Robert Chan

Experimentation Hero