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Track conversion experiment by country

smaver 06-04-15

Track conversion experiment by country



I wanted to know if it is posible to track the conversion rate of an experiment by country/language.


What I need to know is how different version of a landing page converts depending on the country the visitor comes from.


Is it posible to get this type of data from an experiment ?



Thanks a lot.

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JDahlinANF 06-04-15

Re: Track conversion experiment by country

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You can, if you create Segments for "Country" and "Language".


To create dimensions, from your dashboard, click on "Dimensions", then "New Dimension".

Details in this support article:

Once they are created, run some javascript on each page that tells Optimizely what value to use for each:


for example - assuming your dimensions' API Key names are "country" and "language":

var userCountry = "some code goes here to detect country";
var browserLanguage = (navigator.language) ? navigator.language : navigator.userLanguage;
optimizely.push(['addToSegment', 'country', userCountry ]);
optimizely.push(['addToSegment', 'language', browserLanguage ]);
window.optimizely.push(['trackEvent', "sendSegmentData"]);

Also, you may want to alter how you capture language - there are a lot of different values for "English".

e.g., English may have any of these: 'en', 'en-au', 'en-bz', 'en-ca', 'en-ie', 'en-jm', 'en-nz', en-ph', 'en-za','en-tt', 'en-gb', 'en-us', 'en-zw'

MartijnSch 06-09-15

Re: Track conversion experiment by country

In addition to this you could also connect your Google Analytics and Optimizely accounts to make sure the data on your experiments is send via custom dimensions/variables to GA. Then based on the goals you've set up for your experiment you should be able to drill this down on the country level to see any differences in conversion rates there.